Vintage Levi's Jeans Guide - Rivet Designs

Arguably along with the actual denim material used in the production of jeans, are arguably one of the most defining items of a pair of jeans.  It is the reasoning behind Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss patenting the idea of using them at the stress points on May 20,1873 which can be considered the 'birthday' of jeans.

Style of the first 'waist-overalls' later to be known as jeans.

 Closeup of the first style and process, very rare and obiously denote very valuable piece of denim. And piece of history


Possibly the first copper style used on denim. Note the 20 in the middle and the letters on the surround are indented.
also denotes a very collectable pair  of  Levis

Peroid: Early 1900's : Note the lettering is now raised.

Peroid:  WWII Peroid there was a simplified version used in order to conserve raw materials

Peroid: 1966-1982 Thin silver base with L.S.CO-S.F-Levi Strauss and Co- San Francisco

Peroid:1982-1989 Similar to above except for outter ring

Peroid:1989-1992  - Recessed letters and circular lines

Peroid:1992-Present - This style in copper or aluminum is standard in todays Levi's 501 lineup.